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boundary post, intro 

folks with depression and/or anxiety who identify as neurodivergent, do decenter yourselves & be conscious that this is a safe space for folks more stigmatized than you. most of y'all are perfectly fine throwing us under the bus for the sake of assimilation, making neurodivergent spaces unsafe for us to talk about our experiences, and decontextualizing conversations we try to start, so obviously it seems like something you need a hand with

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personally i think we should let fenrir eat the sun. he's been a good boy. he deserves a treat

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top surgery gfm, donation request +++ 

hey friends ive decided to finally peruse top surgery but i need some help :blobheartraccoon:

surgery itself costs $10,412.75 & isn't covered by insurance, on top of the cost of care & a place to stay the week post-op. if you're able to donate just a little it would mean the world to me <3

ik not everyone has money to spare & that’s okay! your safety should always come first! but pls boost so it can get in front of folks who can 💗

like that is not the point. money is not the point. copyright is not the point. articulating ideas and sharing those ideas is the point

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art always builds upon the art before it and arguing about copying or who did something first is a really capitalistic way of approaching something that's meant to be collectivist observations about the world, religion, society, etc

reminders for myself and others, mental health 

my anxiety is an ingrained response to longterm trauma and not an inherent reflection of reality or what might happen


most ppl are so well-meaning but will 100% very gently tell you what terms you can and can't use and. it's not like that. identity is not a clean line.

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you deserve to be protected. you deserve to feel safe. you deserve to feel rested and fed and well

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we're all so tired. i hope you get a chance to just rest in your little animal body today and give it what it asks for. you're just a little creature; pls try to treat yourself the way you would a small animal

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despite the dysphoria n bad body times if i could choose i still don't think i'd choose to be cis

what gender-neutral clothing means: inclusive sizing so that trans folks can find clothes that fit correctly

what gender-neutral clothing doesn't mean: oversized t-shirts and board shorts that you label as gender-neutral for woke points

when you take your ritalin and realize later in the day that your executives are functioning: :blobcatthonking:

this is a really good video about the way we conceptualize fashion as a culture and the implicit and explicit fatphobia in it:

if anyone else is having a rough time here's a video of jonathan van ness introducing and playing with their cats:


i'm always myself except for when i hear the first notes of i will survive and then i become gloria gaynor

we don't romanticise wilbur and edna turnblad's relationship enough

if you're looking for better and more complete takes about theory, melina pendulum, khadija mbowe, and k.d. signifier are talented Black creators that really don't get the views they deserve

i love how little kids always walk like they're on a mission it's so cute

i think if there were more nonbinary representation around more folks would recognize themselves? like so many ppl are walking around uncomfortable bc there's implicit pressure to look like the status quo

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